Just Saying & PRIMER

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Just Saying (2017)

This podcast is primarily intended to help professionals focus on the value of concise communication. I started it because many course participants, particularly in the special operations community, asked me to make a podcast part of the curriculum to sustain their learning after reading the book and taking the workshop. It’s just me speaking and the episodes typically last less than 15 minutes; the topics are inspired by my courses and daily observations.

It’s been very rewarding to see people comment on how the topics are helping them. With nearly 200 episodes, I have been able to share perspectives on so many areas that cause communicators to struggle, stumble and stall in their careers. When I record each episode, I think about myself and just one listener; how can we get better in this one area (myself included).

Now in its fourth season, the podcast addresses not only communication issues but also the challenges and opportunities to lower the noise levels day to day, moment to moment.

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PRIMER (2020)

This podcast is intended to share my personal perspectives on a variety of issues that I feel are important. From time to time, I began to notice that there were certain topics that went beyond professional communication and entered into my personal life that I wanted to tackle.

The title “primer” came to me one day when I was listening to a wonderful podcast on great books and I thought to myself, “hey, that was a great primer for me to want to go deeper on that subject…” For some strange reason, I was inspired to start thinking about the word “primer” and I looked it up in the dictionary. Among its many meanings, I was struck by its small role in ammunition: it’s the little piece at the base of a round that explodes and then ignites gun powder to send a bullet down range.

Thinking more about that small, yet critical role of the primer, I decided a personal podcast could accomplish the same thing. After some thinking and dreaming, I decided to tackle a variety of subject briefly and refer listeners to the real experts and additional resources to go faster, further. The logo was fun to design too!

In its first season, the podcast will set out to discuss different ideas, opinions, people, books, events, etc. that I think are worth deeper consideration. The opinions are entirely mine and if the topics strike people’s fancies, great. If not, that’s fine too.